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housing support

Housing Support

Program Information

The Housing Program provides a wide range of housing support services aimed at individuals and families who are homeless, and/or are at risk of losing their housing by supporting them to maintain their housing or find new housing, stabilize their housing and understand their rights and responsibilities as tenants. The Housing Help Centre at TNO serves as an Access Centre for Access to Housing assisting households with their subsidized housing applications; TNO is also an Access Centre for the Toronto Rent Bank assisting households to access the Rent Bank program.  Assistance is also provided to access a variety of energy assistance programs.

Our Housing Program provides services in the following areas:

 Eviction prevention and landlord mediation services

– Assistance with applications for subsidized housing

– Access to rental listings

– Information and advocacy regarding housing issues for tenants and referrals to other internal and external services as required

– Assistance with rental arrears and rent deposits through the Rent Banl grant (for eligible applicants only)

– Assistance with accessing energy assistance programs (for eligible applicants only)

– Information sessions on tenants’ rights and responsibilities including eviction prevention

Who is Eligible?

Our services are free and open to all residents living in Toronto. 

Hours & Location

Monday – Friday

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location: 10 Gateway Blvd, Suite 104, Toronto, ON M3C 3A1


Additional drop-in service may be offered at 1 Leaside Park Dr., Unit 7, Toronto, ON M4H 1Ri. Please call 416-467-0126 for hours.

Contact Details

Phone: 416-424-2900

Learn More About Our Programs

Rent Bank Program

Rent Bank Program

Our Rent Bank Program works with low-income households that are at risk of losing their rental housing. This program provides assistance to eligible households facing eviction to access financial assistance for rental arrears and rent deposits.
For More information, please call 416-424-2900

Energy Assistant Program

Energy Assistance Program

Our Energy Assistance Program works with low-income households experiencing difficulty in paying their utility bills. This program provides assistance to eligible households to access Energy Assistance funds for them to pay their utility bills.
For more information, please call 416-424-2900  

Specialized Housing Help Project

Specialized Housing Help Project

Our Specialized Housing Help Project provides housing help services to individuals with complex needs who are homeless or/and are at risk of being homeless, and assist them to find and maintain housing by supporting them with a range of affordable housing options and appropriate supports. This project provides follow-up support to these individuals ensuring they have better access to resources and services that will help them to maintain housing, and deal with other challenges that they face. This project also assists these clients to access additional resources and enhanced support to help them find and maintain housing through counselling, mediation, crisis intervention and advocacy. Referrals are made by TNO Housing Workers upon needs assessment.

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