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Mental Health Program

Our Mental Health Support Services is a health and wellness program that offers services to residents living in the Thorncliffe Park and Area. Our professional staff engages clients in caring environments throughout the neighbourhoods.  Our clients are at the centre of everything we do. We welcome clients from any culture, faith, nationality, language, and ability.

Our highly trained and professional caseworkers and counsellors are here to ensure that your health and wellness needs are met. Services you can access are:

Who is Eligible?

Our services are free and anyone can access

Contact Details

Phone: 647-236-0553

Supportive Counselling

  • You or your loved ones a safe space in a caring environment.

Addictions Counselling

  • We offer culturally appropriate services to support clients and their families in their journey to recovery from substance use or abuse.

One-on-One Counselling

  • Our highly trained professionals provide assistance and support to clients on their journey to health and wellbeing, including mental health.

Walk-in-Counselling and Case Management

  • We offer educational programs to equip you with healthy coping skills to help reduce stress and manage various situations in your life.

Group Education Sessions

  • Depression and anxiety are commonly experienced by all people with or without mental illness. We offer group sessions, yoga, and mindfulness tips to address anxiety and depression.
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