For Employers

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Who is Eligible?

Our services are free and open to all residents living in Ontario. 

Program Time:

Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Contact Details

Name: Corine Hibbert Samuels
Manager of Employment Services
Phone: 416-467-0126 x223

Job Posting


Assistance For Our Partners:

We are hiring signage

No-cost Job Postings

Avoid the cost of conventional job advertisements. Post all your positions at no cost on our onsite job boards. To share a job posting with us please contact us at

Pre-screened applicant

Pre-screened Applicants

Save the time of screening all resumes – access our talent bank of pre-screened qualified candidates all referred according to the specific job opportunity.

Recruitment support

Recruitment Support

One-to-one assistance from our professionally trained Staff – available to assist you with hiring, training plans, and retention for new employers. Take advantage of FREE professional consultations for job descriptions, training plans, policy development, and selection criteria.

Training Support

Access training grants that provide financial support to employers looking to purchase training for their workforce.

Incentive for business cost cut

Hiring Incentives

Offset the cost of acquiring new staff that may require training. Job Matching and Placement Incentives or wage subsides are available along with specialized incentives for hiring Youth for 4-6 month placements.