Trades Connect Program


  • I.T. bridging and training programs
  • Application support & soft skills development
  • Pathways to I.T. Analysis, Digital Customer Care, & Cybersecurity


  • Safety training (See our schedule for dates)
  • Technical & hands on training
  • Forklift licensing & employment support
  • GED, CAAT, Aptitude Prep, & application support


  • DZ & CZ Licensing
  • Connections to pre-apprenticeship, trades training,  & truck driving career tracks
  • Must be at least 18 years old, have G license, and pass our school’s equivalency test

Who is Eligible?

Our services are free and open to all residents living in Ontario. 

Contact Details

Address: 2 Thorncliffe Park Drive, Unit 33
Toronto, ON M4H 1H2
Phone: 647-748-4866
Mobile: 416-996-7155

About Our Program

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