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Mentoring for job recuitment

Mentoring Program

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netWORKS (for Youth)

netWORKS is a new way for youth aged 18 to 29 to make connections to people who can help you get your career off the ground. Participants will connect with new mentors and career role models who work in a variety of roles with different employers. netWORKS can help you:

  • Meet career role models
  • Expand your professional networks
  • Get real-world advice about what employers look for and how to find a job
  • Get information about the corporate work environment

Who is Eligible?

Our services are free and open to all residents living in Ontario. 

Contact Details

Meera Vijayakumaran
Phone: 416-467-0126 | EXT: 1246


Employment and economic development are key standards of well-being. Income security and labour market conditions have a direct impact on individual and family success.

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The Mentoring Partnership

TNO partnered with TRIEC Mentoring Partnership for The Mentoring Partnership which matches internationally trained professionals with established mentors from similar professional backgrounds for a period of 18 hours over 3 months. Reports have shown that internationally trained professionals greatly benefit from professional mentoring: On average, unemployment decreased from 73% at the time of mentoring to 19% twelve months later. Full-time earnings increased from $36,905 to $59,944, an improvement of 62%.

Who is Eligible?

You should sign up for the program if:
  • You have two+ years’ experience in your professional field.
  • You have lived in Canada for less than five years.
  • You are unemployed or underemployed* and looking to reconnect with your career.
  • You have not previously participated in the program. 

Contact Details

Megumi Noteboom 

Phone: 416-689-9724