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We strengthen quality of life through services, engagement, partnerships, and advocacy.

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Neighbourhoods where everyone belongs and succeeds.


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A Letter From Our Chair Person & CEO

In 2020/2021, TNO celebrated 36 years of services in our neighbourhoods. We have transformed from one program with two staff to over 30 programs and more than 170 staff, providing services to new Canadians, Youth, Families, Seniors, Middle Years, Early Learning for young people, Building Engaged Communities and much more.

TNO has accomplished its five-year Vision 2020 Strategic Plan (2015- 2020) and developed a new three-year plan 2021-2023 focusing on Youth, Poverty Reduction and Expanding Newcomer Services. TNO has also received its Health Service Provider designation and funding to deliver Mental Health, Addiction, and Elder Care related services.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic-related challenges and barriers, TNO’s work changed drastically. TNO remained agile, resilient, and committed to support our communities. This brought opportunities and growth.

In March 2020, to sustain the supports and programs TNO provides, we moved most of our services to a remote service delivery model. Where essential and possible, we continued in-person support services, and also pivoted to create new programs and ways of working.

A Call Centre was established at 1 Leaside Park Drive to receive community calls and assess needs. Through the Call Centre, we learned of the immediate pandemic-related needs as well as support services required to rebuild post-pandemic.

Amongst many needs and accomplishments, one of the things we learned is that community members who lost their jobs needed access to food and assistance applying for government benefits. In response, we dedicated a team of staff to help community members apply for benefits and we also established a food bank. Over 4000 individuals, including seniors and families, have accessed the food bank thus far.

TNO’s longstanding collaborative approach continued to improve the quality of life in the communities it serves. One such partnership is our membership in the East Toronto Health Partners (ETHP). During the pandemic, we strengthened our relationship, collectively delivering relief measures quickly and efficiently.

The Hub collaborated with the ETHP and others to implement COVID-19 testing and vaccinations, mask distribution, emergency food bank, Com munity Ambassador support model, Community Engagement and more. The work with our partners and stakeholders continues as we plan, develop and build for the future. One such initiative includes TNO’s partnership with Michael Garron Hospital, Flemingdon Health Centre and other stakeholders to establish The Thorncliffe Park Community Hub. The development of this multi-service integrated hub will improve client and community outcomes while making most efficient use of health care, social services, and community resources.

As our thoughts turn to the future we are thankful, amid very difficult circumstances, that TNO is where it is in 2020/2021.

Community Members, Volunteers, Staff, Partners, Government Officials and the Board of Directors – thank you for your generosity of time and resources, thank you for having worked tirelessly through months of crisis, braving these difficult times with courage and determination and contributing to a great year at TNO. We look forward to your continued support!

Warmest Regards,
Shelina Shivji, Chair, TNO Board of Directors and
Ahmed Hussein, TNO Chief Executive Officer

Shelina Shivji
Shelina Shivji Chair
Nickolas Stefanoff
Nickolas Stefanoff Vice-Chair
Shabaz Sopariwala
Shabaz Sopariwala Treasurer
Heather Myrvold
Heather Myrvold Secretary
 Zak Arif
Zak Arif Director
Gerri Gershon
Gerri Gershon Director
John Gayle
John Gayle Director
Heather Myrvold
Heather Myrvold Director
Ashraf Rajani
Ashraf Rajani Director
Shirley Roberts
Shirley Roberts Director
 Nazir Valani
Nazir Valani Director
 Atif Waleed
Atif Waleed Director
Aditi Zahir
Aditi Zahir Director

Management Team

Ahmed Hussein, Chief Executive Officer 
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 1232   Email:

Alaka Brahma, Manager of Family & Wellness
Tel: 416-421-8997   Email:

Bala Shan, Senior Manager, Finance & Human Resources 
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 241   Email:

Carolann Barr, Director of Newcomer Services
Tel: 416-421-3054 x 209   Email: 

Corine Hibbert-Samuels, Manager of Employment Services
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 223  Email: 

Karma Lhamo, Manager of Community Development & Special Projects
Tel: 416-424-2900 x 21   Email: 

Kathleen O’Gorman, Manager of Family & Wellness

Tel: 416-424-2900 x 14   Email:



Jennifer Rajasekar, Manager of Newcomer Support Services

Tel: 416-421-3054 x 223   Email:

Malini Singh, Manager of Newcomer Support Services
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 235   Email:

Natasa Bikova, Executive Assistant
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 248   Email:

Ravi Subramaniam, Director, Partnerships & Hub Development
Tel: 417 467 0126 x 239   Email:

Sadia Zafar, Manager of Language and Skills Development Services 
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 224   Email:

Sandra Cardillo, Manager of Family & Wellness
Tel: 416-420-1463   Email: 

Leisa McKenzie, Human Resources Manager
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 259   Email: