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Grand Opening of TNO’s New Durham (Oshawa) Office to Further Assist Temporary Foreign Workers


OSHAWA, ON, September 21, 2023TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization is thrilled to announce the official grand opening of its new office located in the Durham region, at 1000 Simcoe Street North, Unit #4B, Oshawa, Ontario. This inauguration represents a continuation of TNO’s commitment to ensuring the welfare and rights of temporary foreign workers throughout Ontario.


Building on the success and momentum of the Worker Support Services (WSS) program, which was initiated with the support of the Government of Canada through the Migrant Worker Support (MWS) Program, this new office aims to be a beacon for thousands of temporary foreign workers in the East Ontario region. The primary goal of this hub is to provide these workers with easier access to essential support services, ranging from health and legal aids to community connections.


The Durham (Oshawa) office will serve as a vital link between temporary foreign workers and the multitude of services offered by TNO and its partners. With a strong focus on educational activities, workshops, and events, this office will facilitate tens of thousands of interactions, ensuring that temporary foreign workers are well-informed, empowered, and adequately supported during their stay in Canada.

These collaborations are instrumental in constructing a Community of Practice that elevates the well-being of temporary foreign workers. TNO’s latest office also promises further collaboration with local networks, community organizations, faith-based groups, and multicultural assemblies in the Durham region and beyond.


The launch of the Durham (Oshawa) office solidifies TNO’s vision of an inclusive and supportive environment for all temporary foreign workers in Ontario, be they seasonal agricultural workers, hotel staff, or those in the hospitality sector. Employers of these workers are also warmly invited to engage with the programs, reinforcing a community-centric approach.


For more insights into TNO’s initiatives, and to get acquainted with upcoming events, workshops, and services offered by the newly inaugurated office, please visit the Worker Support Services section on


About TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization


TNO – THE NEIGHBOURHOOD ORGANIZATION is a community-based, multi-service agency providing a wide range of community services since 1985. We are a non-profit, registered charity funded through generous donations, government grants, foundation support and corporate partnerships.

Our programs, services and activities support low-income, marginalized and newcomer communities across Toronto in more than 50 languages and at no cost. To learn more about how we work with the communities we serve, please explore our website, or visit any of our locations.


We are a model for neighbourhood programming and community development in Ontario.

Visit our website for more information:


About the MWS Program:


The Government of Canada’s Migrant Worker Support Program supports community-based projects, such as The Neighbourhood Organization, to help migrant workers understand and exercise their rights and responsibilities in Canada. They also support migrant workers in emergency situations, help them access needed services, and promote inclusion in the community. 


For further information, please contact:


Ahmed Hussein


416-467-0126 Ext. 2232


Jennifer Rajasekar

Manager, Social Support Services

Worker Support Services (WSS) Program


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