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Earth Day – a reminder to cherish and care for our beautiful planet.

On April 22, we were reminded to support environmental organizations to make our planet a work of art again. Local organizations such as Toronto Nature Stewards and Don’t Mess with the Don hosted events to facilitate these efforts.

In 2023 the claims: “Today, Earth Day is widely recognized as the largest secular observance in the world, marked by more than a billion people every year as a day of action to change human behavior and create global, national and local policy changes.” {source:}


Earth Day promotes international awareness of environmental protection and earth conservation. It’s the perfect opportunity to teach and learn about important concepts, such as going green and reducing, reusing, and recycling. Here are 10 Earth Day facts and statistics to share.

  1. Senator Gaylord Nelson conceived Earth Day in the early 1960s.
  2. The first Earth Day was in 1970.
  3. The US government responded to Earth Day with environmental legislation. Such as United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as well as the Clean Air, Clean Water, and Endangered Species acts.
  4. Earth Day went global in 1990.
  5. About one billion people recognize Earth Day each year.
  6. Earth Day always falls on April 22.
  7. It’s known as “International Mother Earth Day” around the world.
  8. Worldwide initiatives have benefited the environment.
  9. There’s an “official” Earth Day song, Earth Anthem which was written in 2013 by Indian poet Abhay Kumar.
  10. This year marks the 53rd anniversary of Earth Day.

Try this interactive Quiz from the Earth Day .org to test your knowledge about Plastic waste and consider volunteering in the clean up campaigns:

TNO – The Neighbourhood Organization and partner Agencies efforts for Earth Day:


Joining the City of Toronto’s Annual Spring Clean Up between April 21 to 23rd, our local Toronto Nature Stewards with lead Steward John Oyston and volunteers, cleaned up Leaside Park on April 21st , it was a beautiful day indeed. John is also looking for volunteers who can meet a few hours a week to help weed out invasive plants and pick up litter. This creates a space for the beautiful native plants that birds and butterflies need to survive. Interested parties can reach out to him at

Don’t Mess with the Don organized their annual Earth Day clean up of the Don Valley Ravine; several conversation Clean up in partnership with several conservation partners on April 22nd. In spite of downpour that we had, volunteers came out in droves, all 280 of them and collected a total of 8250 lbs of garbage.


Thank you to amazing groups like Don’t Mess with the Don and Toronto Nature Stewards for organizing such inspirational events, it would not be possible without such determined volunteers, the community is grateful!

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