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Bringing Healthcare to the Classroom: HATP’s Pediatric School-Based Clinic

The pediatric school-based clinic is part of Health Access Thorncliffe Park (HATP), which is a LHIN-funded partnership between Flemingdon Health Centre (FHC) & The Neighbourhood Office (TNO). The clinic operates out of the HATP’s office at the East York Town Centre, and has a focus on children’s developmental, behavioural, learning and growth concerns. Children are referred to our clinic from the different TDSB schools and community service providers (e.g., primary care physicians, TNO Early ON).

When the school-based pediatric clinic receives a referral, the child is booked with one of HATP’s clinical providers to provide an initial assessment. From here, several things can happen:

  • A referral to a general pediatrician can be made for a more thorough pediatric assessment.
  • A referral to the developmental pediatrician can be made for further testing and observation to formulate a diagnosis.
  • If the child has been seen by our developmental pediatrician, they are booked back to the general pediatrician to relay diagnosis and formulate a care plan.
  • When and if a diagnosis is given, the family is also connected to a social worker to ensure the family receives all possible resources and follows up as needed.

The pediatric school clinic is instrumental in providing timely pediatric developmental assessments for children. This eliminates the long waiting times caused by lack of access to primary care physicians, or the lack of information in navigating the Canadian system (ie newcomers).


In addition to seeing pediatricians, children can also see a pediatric psychiatrist and a speech therapist. Children can also take part in Playing with Rainbows: an after-school play-based trauma therapy program for children coming from regions of war. This program runs from Thorncliffe Park Public School.



Oftentimes, information can get very confusing, and our school clinic is that bridge that ties everything together for the families. Working at the pediatric school-based clinic is such a wonderful experience. It is very fulfilling knowing that, even in a small way, I was part of a positive significant impact in the students’ lives.


The school clinic team collaborates with schools, with a collective goal of supporting child and student social, emotional, behavioural, and mental health needs. By working together, the team equips students with the tools they need to succeed, not just within the school environment, but also in their daily lives. 

“Having recently joined the team at the pediatric school-based clinic, it has been such a wonderful experience being part of the amazing team that provides this positive and significant impact on the students’ lives” (Ciareese Alberto).


If you have questions or want to learn more about the School Clinic, you can contact Ciareese HATP Intake and Client Navigator (School Clinic) at 416-421-6369 x 312.


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