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Mentor-Led Event Nataliya Masyuk

Mentor–Led Event Nataliya Masyuk   A Resume Chat with Nataliya Masyuk: Understand the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Scans Career Development Professional | Certified Career and Resume Strategist | Job Coach and Facilitator   Join Nataliya Masyuk, a Certified Career and Resume Strategist, on how to job search with intention by searching within. Nataliya’s passion as

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Shay Myers netWORKS event poster

Mentor-Led Event Shay Myers

Mentor–Led Event   A Financial Chat with Shay Myers: Money Mindset Financial Advisor | Educator | Youth Mentor   Join Shay Myers, a Financial Professional on understanding the money mindset. Good financial decisions start by being able to distinguish between needs and wants. We will look at the true cost of using credit cards, good

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charles dune netWORKS event poster

Mentor-Led Event Charles Dune

Mentor–Led Event   A Workshop with Charles Dune: How to Utilize Informational Interviews to Access the “Hidden Job Market” Career Coach | Resume Writer | Workshop Facilitator   Join Charles Dune for an interactive workshop on how to optimize Informational Interviews to stand out and get noticed. We will cover how to build your network

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Teresa Zhang event poster

Mentor-Led Event Teresa Zhang

Mentor–Led Event   A Conversation with Teresa Zhang: Retail Partnership Lead at Google Retail Partnership Lead | Mentor | Partner Development   Youths are welcome to join Teresa Zhang to hear the story of her career journey, leadership experience, and motivating message of hope and perseverance on one’s life path.   As a Retail Partnership

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