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Steering Committee


The WSS Steering Committee is comprised of TNO staff, partner organizations, faith-based organizations and leaders, employers and migrant workers, community advocates and volunteers who work directly with temporary foreign workers across Ontario. The Steering Committee provides input on the activities of the WSS program, and serves as a hub to share knowledge on matters pertaining to temporary foreign workers.


  • The Neighbourhood Organization (TNO).
  • Black Legal Action Clinic (BLAC).
  • FCJ Refugee Centre.
  • The Huron Farmworker Ministry.
  • Friends of Lynden Migrant Farm Workers.
  • Migrant Workers Ministry of the Diocese of London.
  • Newcomer Legal Clinic, Thunder Bay.
  • Niagara Folk Arts Multicultural Centre.
  • Occupational Health Clinics for Ontario Workers Inc. (OHCOW).
  • South Essex Community Council.
  • Welland and Heritage Council and Multicultural Centre.
  • Temporary Foreign Workers.
  • Agricultural Employers.
  • Community agencies and partners.

Interested in joining the Steering Committee? Contact us:

Name: Jennifer Rajasekar, Program Manager.

Phone: 647-296-0161


Who is eligible to join the Steering Committee?

Any service providers, employers, community advocates, faith-based organizations or leaders, and volunteers who work directly with temporary foreign workers in Ontario. Migrant workers and employers are also welcome to join the Committee.

Meeting Details

The Steering Committee meets once per month, either in person or via Zoom Teleconference. 

“Hand in hand between The Huron Farmworkers Ministry, TNO, and community partners, we’re helping
the invisible workers in our communities feel more included, recognized, and respected.”

Father Enrique Martinez
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