Our Initiatives

Community Enterprise Resource Center (CERC)

The resource center provides resources and one-to-one support for new and potential entrepreneurs, to empower them in the development and advancement of their business and professional lives. The Centre fosters financial independence, professional development and personal satisfaction. To accomplish this, CERC hosts a variety of events throughout the year including information sessions and workshops on skills development and business communication. The aim is to educate and empower entrepreneurs to become successful.

We provide information ranging from what business model works best for your needs, business plan development, market segmentation, government regulations and marketing.  We will provide opportunities for accomplished entrepreneurs to share their success stories, so that new entrepreneurs can learn from the experiences of these special guests. At the events and activities there will be opportunities to meet new business professionals, expand established relationships and build new ones.

Leaside Park Community Garden

This community garden is a food-growing, gardening, and learning space that engages, accommodates and feeds residents and community members – from individuals, to families/households, to school groups, to program participants. In the garden we grow vegetables/herbs/fruits that are maintained by residents/ community members for the benefit of the community. The harvest is distributed among those who come to the space to grow, learn, and gather. The main objective of this project is to connect people to food security in a way that is meaningful and impactful.

There are plenty of opportunities for community planting, learning, and gathering this season. The harvest will also be shared with those who are unable to garden with us, especially those who experience food insecurity.