Management Team

Ahmed Hussein, Executive Director
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 232   Email:

Alaka Brahma, Manager of Family & Wellness
Tel: 416-424-2900 x 20   Email:

Bala Shan, Manager of Finance & Resource Development
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 241   Email:

Carolann Barr, Director of Newcomer Services

Tel: 416-421-3054 x 209   Email: 

Corine Hibbert-Samuels, Manager of Employment Services

Tel: 416-467-0126 x 223 Email: 

Darcy MacCallum, Director of Family & Wellness 

Tel: 416-424-2900 x 11   Email: 

Esel Laxa Panlaqui, Manager of Community Development & Special Projects

Tel: 416-467-0126   Email: 

Holly Beth Lievonen, Youth Centre Coordinator
Tel: 416-421-8397   Email:

Jennifer Rajasekar, Manager of Newcomer Support Services
Tel: 416-421-3054 x 223   Email:

Malini Singh, Manager of Newcomer Support Services
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 235   Email:

Natasa Bikova, Executive Assistant
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 248   Email:

Ravi Subramaniam, Manager of Partnerships & Organizational Development
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 239   Email:

Sadia Zafar, Manager of Language Programs
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 224   Email:

Zehnim Juddha, Human Resources Generalist
Tel: 416-467-0126 x 259   Email: