Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) On-Line Program

TNO has been providing English language training for over 30 years and as a result we have a very good reputation for providing strong LINC programming and our classes are very well attended.   We offer 16 classes from Literacy to level LINC 7 (the highest level) due to COVID-19 all classes are offered remotely through Zoom. This provides an opportunity for learners to improve their English Language Skills in the comfort of their home. .

All learners are referred to local YMCA LINC Assessment centers for a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) assessment, which then determines the placement in the LINC class.

All our instructors hold Teacher of English as a Second Language (TESL) Certification, have expertise in CLB frameworks and use the LINC guidelines for lesson planning. All teachers have received Portfolio Based Learning Assessment Training, which is now fully implemented in LINC teaching. Clients are assessed during the training informally through classroom-based activities and formally at end of sessions using CCLB Tasks list. 

The LINC PBLA curriculum includes; everyday language for daily life, financial literacy and Citizenship class components and a school readiness component as majority of LINC clients are parents. We have enhanced the curriculum by including peer tutoring and inter-level activities, which provides mentoring opportunities between and among LINC students.

Classes are conducted for 38 weeks – no classes are held in the summer, winter and March Break.

Care for Newcomer Children (CNC)

As part of the LINC program and to ensure accessibility, child-minding services are provided. Due to COVID-19, these services are offered through Zoom.

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This is not daycare as it is only provided while the parent is in class. Learning through play is the most imperative pillar of TNO CNC Program to support the settlement of the child and family. Through fun, educational activities, children have the opportunity to thrive in all developmental areas, at their individual pace. The curriculum will allow children to explore Canada’s language and culture at a speed that is appropriate to their interests, skill level and age. Our CNC staff includes Early Childhood Educators (ECEs) and we work with our EarlyON child and family centre staff to provide activities based on child development theories.