Flemo City Media

Flemo City Media is committed in promoting the best interests of youth and residents of Flemingdon Park and surrounding neighborhoods through media and providing them with transferable skills that will create opportunities for future success at the studio. The studio is open for business and offers free studio time by offering several media based services such as recording, editing, and any other media related support Monday - Friday from 4pm - 9pm. The studio is located at the Dennis R. Timbrell Resource Centre (29 St. Dennis Drive, Toronto, ON M3C J3) in Flemingdon Park. 

Follow the Studio online at www.flemocity.com and www.facebook.com/FlemoMedia.

Studio Recording

Twice a week at the Flemo City Media Studio in Flemingdon Park, come drop or by book your spot to record your own music. A sound engineer is on site to help you out! Open to ages 7 and up.

Pashbys Rhythm

Flemo City Media is offering the “The Pashby Rhythm's Music Program” providing youth in Flemingdon Park and surrounding areas to learn and use musical instruments such as guitars, piano/keyboards and music theory. Participants, can take Small Group Guitar Lessons, or Join the Radio Pod Cast Development Project. Finally, participants are able to set their own personal goals, and work towards learning music skills that they are interested in. Program will start from January 18th and run every Thursday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

DJ Masterclass

Flemo City Media is offering free DJ Classes for youth and surrounding residents at the Flemo City Media Room #1, Participants will be immersed in a full hands-on experience using both DJ hardware and software such as Virtual DJ and Traktor. There are three levels that are to be completed before the final showcase, Rookie, Intermediate and Legend. All these levels will have a different hands-on experience from familiarization down to integration of both software and hardware mixing. The date and time of this program is to be announced at a later date.

Youth Beat Program

A new and exciting program where you will learn to make music on an iPad. Program is open to ages 7 and up.

Youth Led Radio Podcast Program

A youth program led by youth, where they create their own live radio podcasts for the public. Have a story to tell? An issue to talk about? Or want to share something fun with the public? Come join the program!