Employer Engagement & Mentoring Program

This program connects employers to newcomers through a series of coordinated on-site hiring events. It will engage and educate employers to look beyond language barriers and promote the skillsets offered by newcomers. Additionally, it will mediate and foster bridge-to-work assistance including mentoring, networking, work placement and job shadowing. The program supports immigrant professionals who are eligible to work in Canada and are actively seeking employment in their field. These newcomers are either currently unemployed or underemployed, and have limited or no Canadian work experience in their profession. The program supports both employers and newcomers. It assists employers’ to increase their knowledge regarding cultural competency, diversity and other Human Resources related issues. The newcomers learn more about local networks, job opportunities and resources.

TNO is a service delivery agency for TRIEC Mentoring Partnership helps immigrant professionals reconnect to their career with the help of a mentor who works in their field in Canada.

The Mentoring Partnership (TMP) is collaboration among TRIEC, service delivery organizations and employer partners that works to provide occupation-specific mentoring opportunities to skilled immigrants in the Toronto Region.

The objectives of The Mentoring Partnership are to:

  • Provide immigrant professionals with access to networks and relationships through matching with mentors so that they may find appropriate employment;
  • Create and grow a regional pool of mentors shared by participating service delivery partners;
  • Sensitize mentors and employer partners to the knowledge and experience internationally trained professionals bring;
  • Raise awareness of mentors and employer partners to the barriers faced by internationally trained professionals in accessing appropriate employment opportunities;
  • Share knowledge, innovation and resources.