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Activity Schedule January 18-22, 2021

At-Home Activities for Children (Ages 0 - 6 years)

Our Child & Family department offers holistic services to support individuals and families. From birth to adulthood, our clients can move through our programs accessing a variety of services and programs including early learning activities, support for children with special needs, middle years homework help, physical activities, tutoring through the Youth Centre and services supporting the well-being of our community members. All services are offered free of charge.

EarlyON Child & Family Centre @ TNO

This is a centre where children, from birth to 6 years, can participate in quality, play and inquiry-based programs. We offer a place for families and caregivers where they can receive support and access to a network of resources and more! In a welcoming and supportive environment, families and caregivers are sure to make personal connections and support their children through their transition from the early years to the first years of primary school.

For more information, please connect with the Child & Family Services team here:

In Thorncliffe Park: 416-421-8997 | 45 Overlea Blvd., Unit 108A (EarlyON Child & Family Centre) | Monday to Friday from 9am – 5pm & Saturday from 10am – 12pm

Learn more about our Drop-In Programs >

  • Friday Afternoon Drop-In - For children (birth - 6 years) and Parents/Caregivers
  • Show and Tell - For children ages 3 - 6
  • Creative Minds Club (March 2020) - For children ages 4 - 6 
  • Me & My Dad (March 2020) - For Dads/Grandfathers with children (birth - 6 years)
  • Parent-Infant Group (March 2020) - For parents/caregivers and infants (birth-18 months)
  • Parent Group - Monthly activities (please see above)
  • Little Explorers (math & science activities)
  • Toddler Time
  • Come & Play
  • Let’s Get Physical

Learn more about our Specialized Programs >

  • *Updated* Tutor Me Please - For kids aged 7 - 12
  • Playing with Words - Language support program 
  • Breastfeeding Support Group 
  • Reading Readiness - for kids aged 4 - 6 
  • Growing Together (Special Needs Program)
  • Social Communications
  • School Readiness

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