COVID-19 Act Now

Now is the time for us to Act!

  1. The number of positive COVID19 cases continues to rises in Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park.
  2. We ask all residents to join us in acting today, to do our part and stay apart. 
  3. Together, we can keep our loved ones and ourselves safe, and protect our communities.

What we know

  1. We should assume COVID19 is everywhere.
  2. COVID19 is spreading from person to person and more dangerously from people spending too much time together too close. 
  3. Without proper precautions and protections, you are at risk of infection. 

What you NEED to do

  1. Limit your contact with people outside your home setting.
  2. Be strict about keeping at least six feet apart from people you don't live with.
  3. Be strict about wearing your mask and washing your hands.

Temporary Covid-19 Testing Sites

If you:

- have symptoms of COVID-19 or,
- think you may be infected (even without symptoms) 
  we strongly encourage you to get tested at the COVID-19 testing site
  in East Toronto that is closest to where you live.

Click below to access posters for each site : 
Angela James Arena - Dennis R Timbrell Resource Centre  - TNO Youth Centre  - Warden Woods CC  - 4 The Market Place - 
East York CC  - South Riverdale CHC

These actions will protect you and your loved ones, and in turn, protect our communities. 

Message from Us: 

If you do test positive and you and/or your family need to self-isolate, we are here to support you.

You may contact any of the agencies listed below for help with access to income assistance, groceries, childcare and other supports to ensure you are able to take time off work, stay home and focus on your recovery so you can get back to full health.

  1. Flemingdon Health Centre
  2. The Neighbourhood Organization
  3. Health Access Thorncliffe Park
  4. South Riverdale Community Health Centre