About Our Community Development Initiatives

We have several Community and Economic Development initiatives in Thorncliffe and Flemingdon Park that work to enhance the capacity of our community members and animate the neighbourhood, including:

  • Civic Engagement Series in Crescent Town - September to October 2019
  • Leaside Park Community Garden in Thorncliffe Park, support for other local community gardens and food security initiatives
  • Gateway Bicycle Hub - Encouraging bicycle repair and refurbishment, thereby reducing waste and promoting cycling culture in Flemingdon Park and Thorncliffe Park.
  • Community Mural Project in Thorncliffe Park (May to July 2019) - Click to learn more about this project 
  • Support for new small businesses or home-based businesses 
  • Networks for newcomer health, food security and the uninsured (people with no health insurance)
  • Community engagement opportunities, including special events

We work with United Way, the City of Toronto and the provincial government for these initiatives.

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For more information, please contact here:

In Thorncliffe Park: 1 Leaside Park Drive, Unit 7 | 416-467-0126